VICODECO is a privately owned consulting company that specializes in immigration investment, residence by investment, citizenship by investment, and study abroad programs. Vicodeco is a team of well trained immigration consultants, specialists, and lawyers that has many years of experience in the inmmigration industry. At Vicodeco we take great pride in our meticulous case reviewing process. Our team will provide our clients with accurate and truthful probability of success for their case. Once the case is created, Vicodeco and its partners will provide our clients with appropriate consultation, help our clients obtain appropriate documentations, complete the application process, and accompany our clients every step of the way. Over the years in service, we have completed numerous cases and helped many of our clients accomplish their goals. We’re currently operating at a golden 100% success rate and will continue to work hard to maintain this flawless record for our clients.


Citizenship by Investment/ Residence By Investment Program

The Citizenship By Investment (CBI) and Residence By Investment (RBI) are programs that allow foreign individuals and their families to obtain temporary or permanent citizenships in return for their investment in a government based project.

The Golden VISA Program is a prime example of a CBI that exists in some European nations. For example, Portugal allows an individual and their family (up to 3 generations) to earn a permanent residency if that individual invested 500,000 euros into real estate or purchased a property for 350,000 euros and maintained it for a minimum of 5 years.

Each country has different conditions for participation. Some programs require a one time donation for a government based project or for a community service based project.

Desire to expand their business, create new business opportunities in these countries, traveling convenience through VISA exemption, greater education opportunity for their children, and the luxury of living in a politically stable nation are just a few reasons for investors to be interested in our CIB programs.




Education immigration program

Education immigration program is popular among our young clients. To obtain a permanent residency status an international student must complete a university degree then apply for a permanent residency or that individual can become naturalized through other legal routes. The most common route for naturalization among international students is through marriage.

Permanent employment is another path for international students to gain permanent residency; however, this process is significantly more difficult. It requires a detailed path including career selection, academic qualifications, and mastering of language. Additionally, the career selection has to be from a field that is in high demand. Overall, this process has a low probability of success simply because these nations want to maintain job opportunities for their own citizens.

Canada is a desired destination for international students because of its superb education system, progresive economy, desirable language, and clear laws and regulations for international students.




Employment-based immigration program

Employment based immigration is the most cost-effective but has the lowest probability for an individual to gain a permanent residency status. Each country has its own requirements and policies for this program. These policies and requirements are usually specific and often too difficult for an individual to be qualified.

There are two typed of labors that may qualified for immigration employement. One being manual labor and the other being skilled labor.

Most countries only grant a temporary work visa for most workers. If an individual meets specific conditions then that individual may apply and be entitled to a permanent residency status.

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